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We empower leaders to identify,
manage, and oversee complex issues
so they don't become complex problems.

"This course is essential

to all leaders and managers

in today's cyber environment."

- Joseph A. (Executive)

Recipient of Certificate of Competence

Global Technology Risks

Many of today's leaders operate in an international environment. Are you prepared to address and succeed in the face of cross-border legal barriers and privacy considerations?

Cybersecurity Risk Management and Oversight

Reliance on technology is at the heart of most every business. Yet a host of threats to digitized data and technology-enabled systems are poised to jeopardize even the most carefully crafted strategy. This dynamic requires all leaders to be competent in cybersecurity risk management.

Technology Risks
on the Horizon

Explore the fascinating topic that anticipates business challenges and opportunities that future technologies present.

A message from

Technology Risk Academy's founders:

We have joined together to provide you with the lessons we've learned through over 35 years of combined experience in cybersecurity risk management. Also, we won't be doing it alone. We have asked a few of our very best friends in the field -- some of the biggest experts in the world -- to share their experiences with you too!